Yuval Ayalon handstand workshop

Yuval is coming in March! Morning workshops for beginner, technical and physical preparation, alignment and many more. Afternoon is for those who can hold solid handstand for at least 30 sec. Advanced alignment in different shapes, one arm etc.

Saturday March 25th / Sunday March 26th 2017

I will be conducting 2 seperate workshops:

Saturday 9am to 12 and
Sunday 9am to 12

Saturday 1pm to 4pm and
Sunday 1pm to 4pm

Prices (including VAT):
Beginners : 135€
Inter/advanced : 160€
Both : 270€

– Workshops description –

Beginner’s Handstand:
In this beginner’s workshop, Yuval provides the participants a solid base and the tools from which they can take their handstand practice to a higher level safely and efficiently. Some of the topics covered are: physical and technical preparation for handstand, correct handstand alignment, balance strategies, spotting, programming, and more…

Intermediate / Advanced:
This workshop is intended for people who have already spent a considerable amount of time practicing handstands and can hold a solid handstand for at least 30 seconds. Some of the topics covered are: refinement of handstand alignment in different positions, presses and mounts to handstand, handstand cube integration, one arm handstand and more…. The last hour of each day will be assisted self-practice for people to work on their own personal goals.

For more information, or to sign up please contact: